NameEditha Lois HILL [355], [9]
BirthAug 1861, , Taylor, Kentucky [355], [9]
Death1925 [9] Age: 63
FatherWilliam Douglas HILL (1820-~1895)
MotherMartha Ann DOUGLAS (1822-1900)
Misc. Notes
1. (Lenora Hill speaking).... “Aunt Lois as we knew her, had bright red hair and it was curly, only she wore it pulled back tight. She always lived in her parents home and kept house for her brother, Billy Hill. They had all the things that were her parents and I never heard of anything that she ever bought. I presume she left things in the house as her mother and father left them. Aunt Lois lived by herself after Uncle Billy died, and took care of the farm by renting the best she could. She had a stroke, and was found out in the garden. She lay on a bed for about 9 months, I believe, not knowing anything before she died.” [9]
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